Astro Hound Studios is a mobile game development company based in Toronto, Canada. Being gamers at heart, AHS started to work on our first game in 2016 and has been featured by Apple multiple times. We concentrate on friendly game design with the gameplay in mind first. Our goal is to bring joy and pleasure to our players.

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Dangle Dash

Deke, chip, and toe drag through a fun hockey experience like no other. By using one touch controls, this is a new fun way to play hockey on mobile. Swipe-up to chip the puck in the air, swipe-down to perform a toe drag, and tap the screen three times quickly to go on fire, which adds a temporary multiplier.


Shredded Streets

Introducing Shredded Streets.

Show off your moves in this super addictive skateboarding game!

Features include:
- Simple one touch controls
- Unlockable characters
- Challenge your friends on the leaderboards
- Automatic grinding
- Combo meter
- Levelling system that increases your air time


Soccer Pinball

Introducing Soccer Pinball: an electrifying blend of two classic games! Take your shot at becoming the MVP you were destined to be in Exhibition or Season Mode. Your goal in Exhibition Mode? To compete for the longest streak and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Season Mode puts you to the real test! The further you advance, the more difficult your opponents become. Do you have what it takes?



Bitnoid is a modern take on a classic game style. Aim for the solid blocks and avoid them with your paddle. Dream-like design includes fifty incrementally more challenging levels, followed by infinite game play. New features introduced as you ascend levels.


Poker Blast!

You have nothing but empty pockets and big dreams. Win your way from your shack in the country to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Poker Blast! is a new take on Poker. Move your finger from one card to another to connect pairs, flushes, straights, etc. Blast your way through 5 different lands with tons of power-ups and surprises.



Fire through a pixel art universe to a retro soundtrack and sound effects that are inspired by the old-school arcade game era. Players can cycle through multiple game modes and choose between ten unique ships with varying fire rates and bullet speeds, meaning no one game will ever be the same!